Who was that masked Mason?

With the outbreak of The  Covid-19 virus organized Freemasonry’s labors in person have pretty much came to a standstill all over the world.  Zoom meetings and Webex “meet-ups” are the new way Masons are spreading The cement” of brotherly love until the present danger passes.

Since area majority of our membership fits the “most vulnerable” category our members are encouraged to stay home in self isolation or as it is called “Social distancing”.  This lowers your chance of contracting the virus (or spreading the virus to someone else) but there are times one does need to leave their hones for some reason or another.

Some People are tying scarves round their face or fashioning masks out of old neckerchiefs while others have scored an cotton surgical type masks.  Some people wish ti be more creative and bring sine personality to their personal protective equipment.

Many Masons as we know like to display their membership on the clothing they as they mingle with others in the profane wold. Most of the time by wearing a Masonic ball cap or a Masonic T-shirt Now those Brethren can have a mask that shows the world they are a Mason!

Macoy Masonic publishing and Masonic supply  have begun to create ad sell masks with both the square and compass and the Eastern star insignia The masks are being made to order in their shop and are made from 199% American made materials. 

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The price of each mask is $10.00

There was a second company I was going to mention but according to their Facebook page they have ran out of stock of masks.   Two Pillars Apparel which is ran by  Brother Nathan Tweedie from New York State was offering Masonic masks for 410.00 This was a was a very worthy endeavor because every mask that was purchased another mask would be donated to the Brethren Masonic Care Community of New York.

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