The reports of my death…

My latest piece “The reports of my death” has been published on The Midnight Freemasons website I hope you will check it out and if you like my work please share it with your friends and Brethren.

I wrote this piece because recently I have heard Brethren  declare that Freemasonry is dead or it is dying.  I humbling ask readers is it really dead? I contend it isn’t.  Much like anything else that is worthwhile our Fraternity is worth fighting for and every man who picks up his apron and goes home is one less person to help shape our gentle craft into the Fraternity we all want it to be.

I hope if you know a brother who is thinking about giving up and quitting you will share this piece with him and talk to him.  If you are that Brother please read it and consider helping us in our efforts to prove that this Fraternity’s best days are still in front of it.

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