The Hidden Secret Power of Freemasonry

So many times new Masons begin to attempt to learn the Masonic ritual and while learning the words attempt to understand the meaning of the archaic words and phrases they are committing memory.

Some of these Brethren will ask the older, more learned members of their lodge to explain what the words mean and they are greeted by a blank look and the shrug of their shoulders because these men never received an answer from the Brethren they asked the same question to several decades before.

A member of my Texas lodge Robert Kalian has recently published a book entitled The Hidden Secret Power of Freemasonry.  I was honored to receive an advance copy for my library.

This book is the result of several decades of research into the meanings of the words of our ritual and tries to explain them to Masons of the 21st century.

Bob went through each line of the ritual and tried to dissect it and explain what the original meanings of the word meant.  (In a language today’s man can understand.)

The book which can be found on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble would make a great gift for the holidays or for that newly raised Master Mason in your lodge.

Brother Kailian’sother writings also include A BICENTENNIAL REVIEW OF RHODE ISLAND FREEMASONRY for the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and were the founder of and longtime editor of The Grand Lodge’s “The Freemason Magazine”. and was published many times in “Living Stones Magazine”

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