The Circle of Life and Learning

My latest piece “The Circle of Life and Learning has been posted on the Midnight Freemasons website today.

Last Saturday afternoon I was sitting in a chair while my inlaws we going through the possessions of their mother who had just passed a week or so before. It is a task no one wants to do but sadly has to be done in order to get a loved one’s affairs in order.

While we were still reeling from this beautiful lady’s passing who meant so much to me last Thursday came a double blow when I got word of the passing of one of my all-time favorite Masonic writes Borhter James Tresner and my very close friend and Masonic Brother Lance Kates. PM it’s safe to say I was in a very sorrowful, reflective mood.

All day the phrase “I visited you today” keep running through my mind.  I think it was because I was in a text conversation with the Brethren of El Reno lodge #50, the lodge Lance was serving as Worshipful Master at the time of his passing about my fallen Brothers Masonic service.   I started to think about a Brother playing in state wearing his lambskin apron while holding a sprig of evergreen in his hand.

The piece which originally began as a tribute to my fallen Brethren and as I continued writing I began to think of the fallen Brethren who have helped to shape me in the past and how each of them taught me something and helped make me the man I am and I hope to become.

It finally hit me.  Each of these men gave me all of the knowledge they had before they advanced to the Celestial lodge and they did it not only to make me a better man but in order that I pass on what they taught me to the next generation of Masons.  Kind of like what I write about in the in The 50 Year member fictional series that I write.

It is the circle of life and learning.

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