That Which Has Been Lost – Laws, Rules and Regulations Part 2

I wanted to post this last week but the week was so busy I had to wait until now.  Friday my latest piece That Which Has Been Lost – Laws, Rules, and Regulations Part 2 was posted on the Midnight Freemasons website.

While doing research on some other topics I discovered how many of today’s’ Masons haven’t been educated on the basics of being a Freemason.  This piece concentrating on Masonic law.

For over three centuries Grand lodges have regulated how Freemasons are to meet, and part.  Not just the regulation of the grand lodge and subordinate lodges but on the members themselves.   I gave several examples of Masonic laws from several jurisdictions. some of the examples I have included such things as public drunkness, the care for family members and much more.

I also want to state I am not in anyway making a comment on the laws of any grand lodge of their laws.  I just wanted to provide examples of Masonic legislation.  This piece isn’t about changing any law on the books.

The goal of this article is to encourage you to pick up the book of Masonic law (Or whatever it ids called in your area) in your jurisdiction and read it! If you want to be a well informed Mason you should know the laws, rules, and regulations by which you agreed to abide by when taking your obligation.  It might also keep you out of trouble with your local Grand body.



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