Something of a metallic kind

This is a simple request, but despite it’s simplicity it will go along way to lift the spirits of a Brother who is in a terrible situation.

The other day I was contacted by a Brother via my Linkedin page.  He explained to me how a Brother who is a member of his local Widows son’s groups was involved in a serious motorcycle accident.

The Brother and his wife were returning home from a Widows sons event when there motorcycle was hit head on by a car.  The impact of the crash threw the Brothers wife up in the air between ten and fifteen feet and the Brother was thrown under the car. He was driven over by the car and the driver backed up over him again. Luckily, The Brothers wife received minor bumps, but our Bother wasn’t as lucky.   He has two broken arms, his tibia was broken, his hip was dislocated and his pelvis was broken on both sides. He is currently in a rehab center. This is his second time because he was dealing with mersa infection.

The Brother was planning to go to the Grand Gathering of Widow’s Sons in August to collect some challenge coins or medallions but that isn’t going to happen.
The Brother who contacted me has taken upon myself to try to collect as many as I can from as many places as I can to help raise his spirits. He is making a “cable tow” that he can attach everything to before I give it to him. The author wants him to see that the brotherhood stands with him and his fellow veterans do as well.

The Brother writes “He has been isolated from everyone many times over the past 3 months. At a few times, he couldn’t even have his wife visiting. Our Widow’s Sons chapter has been at her beckoning call through out the entire time. ” I’m sure if you could put yourself in his position you can imagine how difficult it would be to maintain your spirits and try to concentrate on making a full recovery.

If you can contribute something of a “Metallic kind” to life the spirits of this Brother email Richard at Richard said they will take anything traveling coins, challenge coins, poker chips, lapel pins or medallions he will be eternally grateful.

This would make a great project for your local lodge, Shrine club, Scottish Rite, York Rite…etc. or even just yourself. Gather together and send them pins you have at home wasting away in that coffee can in your closet collecting dust.  I would love to see this thing go viral. I’m doing my part.  I am sending in my pins as well.

This is partly personal for me.  When I was five or six, I nearly lost my parents in an motorcycle accident.  There was a time we wasn’t sure if they would live or die.  Fifty years later it’s still hard for me to think back on.  I didn’t have a Masonic family to rely back then.  Lets show this Brother and his family we all have his back.






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