Shriners announce hospital rebranding

For 98 years Shriners have provided care for children care for 1.4 million children starting with orthopedic needs later expanding to children suffering burn care  cleft pallets and speech therapy for children all over the world.  Since it;s inception the “Hospitals for crippled children” became Shriners Hospitals for children” now the to move forward with the brand into the twenty first century.

It was announced today in an email that Shriners Hospitals for Children will now be rebranded to “Shriners Children’s” to better reflect the present and future for of the organization. The email signed by Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder and Jeffery Gant Chairman for the board f trustees explains the new approach for the future:

As we look forward to a new century of caring for kids, the world is a far different place than it was in 1922, when we opened our first hospital. And Shriners Hospitals for Children is equally different.
We have become far more than a collection, or even a system, of hospitals. We have become leaders in care, research and medical education. We are known for innovation, expertise, compassion, generosity and a strength and determination to improve lives, no matter the complexity, that is stunning and respected throughout the world. We give our patients and families so much more than medical care. We help them build confidence and self-esteem. We provide as many resources as we have available – from custom prosthetics to adaptive sports opportunities, to assistive devices that encourage personal independence.
We are so much more than hospitals – and we need to share that fact – shout that message – clearly – to help us be recognized for all we are, live our mission and reach more children and families who need us.

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