Shriners announce hospital rebranding

For 98 years Shriners have provided care for children care for 1.4 million children starting with orthopedic needs later expanding to children suffering burn care  cleft pallets and speech therapy for children all over the world.  Since it;s inception the “Hospitals for crippled children” became Shriners Hospitals for children” now the to move forward with […]

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Who was that masked Mason?

With the outbreak of The  Covid-19 virus organized Freemasonry’s labors in person have pretty much came to a standstill all over the world.  Zoom meetings and Webex “meet-ups” are the new way Masons are spreading The cement” of brotherly love until the present danger passes. Since area majority of our membership fits the “most vulnerable” […]

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Shriners 2020 Imperial session CANCELLED

In an email today Imperial Potentate Jeff Siwder announced the cancellation of the 2020 Imperial session in Kansas City, Missouri due to the Covid 19 virus,  The email reads: Dear Nobles, Based on data and opinions of public health experts and community officials, Shriners International has cancelled its 2020 Imperial Session, scheduled for July 2020, […]

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Meet, Act and Part-Episode 9

The Meet, Act and Part-Episode 9-Steven L. Harrison33 degree FMLR Illustrious Brother Steven L Harrison, author of “Freemasonry crosses the Mississippi”, “Tales from the Craft” and “Freemasons at Oak Island” is our guest this week. Steve talks with Greg, Todd, and Darin about the Ray V. Denslow and his impact upon Freemasonry, Masonic Education, and […]

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New Masonic website debuted

Several years ago the “Not just a man, a Mason” campaign took the Masonic world by storm as a fresh and innovative way for Masonic lodges and Grand Lodges to gain the attention of non-Masons and peek their interests in our Fraternity. The campaign, originally conceived and funded by The Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction […]

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New Imperial Recorder

In an email to the membership Imperial Potentate Jim Cain announced the resignation of Imperial Recorder Randy Rudge.  Imperial Sire Cain has appointed Past Imperial Potentate Charles A. “Tad” Claypool to fill the vacant position for two weeks until the 145 Imperial sessions which will be held in Nashville June 30th to July 4th,  2019.  […]

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