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New podcast episodes!

I know.  It’s been a while.  I have no excuses except for moving to a new state and trying to put a new house together..that and pure laziness. Luckily, my fellow Brethren at the Midnight Freemasons and the Meet, Act and Part podcast have been working hard in the quarries picking up my slack. In […]

A life sentence I won’t appeal

The other night, March 2nd, I was able to attend my Texas lodge, Lebanon lodge #837. This lodge is always so much fun.  The Brethren there are positive, fun loving.  They live the tenants of Freemasonry in their everyday lives.  I always feel at home when I am sitting in lodge with them. Despite the […]

Shriners history discovered

This is a great time to be a Masonic researcher.  Since the invention of the internet  libraries have slowly began to digitize their libraries of Masonic literature and Grand Lodge proceedings and other documents and allow interested parties around the world to gain Masonic knowledge at the speed of light. Recently the original records containing […]

Zoom backgrounds for Shriners-UPDATE

Yesterday on my social media channels I posted information I received from Shriners International about Shriner related backgrounds for Zoom meetings. Two things surprised me: 1.  The post got as much attention and positive reception than I expected and 2. The link provided by Imperial didn’t work. This morning I have been working on the […]

UGLE opens upscale gift shop

The last time I was in London a few years ago I visited the gift shop in Freemasons Hall while taking a tour of the Masonic museum and the beautiful building on Great Queens Street.  Needless to say I was like a kid in a candy store.  The shop was well stocked with books, regalia […]

East West Shrine Bowl cancelled

The Covid-19 virus has caused another Masonic related event to be cancelled.  In an email to the membership on October 27th Imperial Potentate James R. “Jim” Smith announced due to complications of social distancing and logistics the 2021 East West Shrine Bowl has been cancelled. In the Email Imperial Sir Smith states: “This decision was […]

Dez Fafara is a Freemason. Who knew!

Do you know who Dez Fafara is? Well, to be honest I didn’t either until I was made aware of him in this article.  Dez is the lead singer of two heavy metal bands entitled  “DevilDriver” and “Coalchanber”.  He is also a Freemason. In the article Brother Fafara was asked by the reporter how he […]

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