Broken columns

Recently I discovered my mother lodge and the lodge in which I served as Master, Three Rivers lodge #733,  has ceased work and has merged with another lodge. I cannot explain the sadness I felt […]

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The reports of my death…

My latest piece “The reports of my death” has been published on The Midnight Freemasons website I hope you will check it out and if you like my work please share it with your friends and Brethren. […]

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The Masonic Roundtable 300

This Saturday, June 24th 2017 marks the three hundredth anniversary of Modern, Grand lodge style Freemasonry when representatives of individual lodges met at the Goose and Gridiron tavern in London to celebrate Saint John the […]

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Terra Masonica now available in the US

Terra Masonica is a new documentary by a Belgian Freemason Brother Tristan Bourlard.  Brother Bourlard who in daily life is an author, and documentary filmmaker, decided to travel the globe in the three hundredth year of organized, […]

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Myrtle Beach lodge gets a new mural.

Worshipful Brother Chris Hodapp posted today on his Freemasons for dummies blog today about students from the Coastal Carolina University beautifying the outside of Grand Strand lodge #392‘s building in North Myrtle Beach. Students from the […]

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Up and running again!

Recently I posted my website would be down due to unforeseen circumstances (In other words I hit the wrong button and accidentally deleted the site. Yes I am an idiot.).  But now the site is […]

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James Coleman, PGHP

I have just found out my long time friend and Brother James (Jim) Coleman has been diagnosed with colon caner. I met Jim not long after I was raised as a Master Mason in 2002,  […]

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The 50 Year member-The West Gate

The latest installment of my 50 year fiction series entitled “The West Gate” has been published on The Midnight Freemasons website I am particularity proud of this piece.  I started writing  this piece in 2013.  […]

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