Up and running again!

Recently I posted my website would be down due to unforeseen circumstances (In other words I hit the wrong button and accidentally deleted the site. Yes I am an idiot.).  But now the site is back and better than ever! I intend for this site to be a place in which I can showcase and […]

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James Coleman, PGHP

I have just found out my long time friend and Brother James (Jim) Coleman has been diagnosed with colon caner. I met Jim not long after I was raised as a Master Mason in 2002,  I cannot tell you how many times this man has been at my side, personally and Masonically whenever I needed […]

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The 50 Year member-The West Gate

The latest installment of my 50 year fiction series entitled “The West Gate” has been published on The Midnight Freemasons website I am particularity proud of this piece.  I started writing  this piece in 2013.  As I was just about to finish it and send it to my editors for corrections my laptop died.  Recently […]

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Technical difficulties

Just when I had the old site perfect…. Dues to some technical difficulties I have had to rebuild my website.  {;ease pardon the interruption.  I should have the site back, bigger and better than before, very soon.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  Bill

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