Online work

Below is a list of my work which can be found on the internet.  (The 50-year member series is not included)

Twenty years

Forget me, not my Obligation

My then poor and penniless situation

This is why we can’t have nice things!

Call To Service


Are we “Woke” or is everyone else just now catching up?

Sometimes we can’t see the message for the meme

Cranking Up The Organ

Virtual Friendship, Real Life Brotherhood

99 and 44/100% Pure Freemasonry

Brother George Costanza and Breakfast at Tiffany’s Masonry

In my room

Masonry is a Progressive Science?

Counting Our Masonic Blessings

November, A Month of Thanks

Is Your Lodge A Carrot, Egg or Coffee?

Let Hiram Do It

Freemasonry and the Chinese Bamboo Tree

Masonic Influencers

The Circle of Life and Learning

That Which Has Been Lost – Laws, Rules, and Regulations Part 2

That Which Has Been Lost – The Basics Part One

The Power of Positive Freemasonry

I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive

Fallen Idols

Often Tried, Never Denied

Freemasonry: It’s What’s for Dinner

The Sign Said, “Alterations”

My Brothers Wife

With Each Upright, Level Step

Spreading cement?

Broken Columns

The reports of my death

Recycling the Rubbish of the Temple

From the East to the West

I Have Met the Enemy and It’s Me

Dangerous Travels

My Masonic Ring – A History

As The Sun is in the South

Cereal Box Freemasonry

Brother Against Brother – The Masonic Civil War

Burnouts and Buffets

Traveling from the South to the North

To Learn. To Subdue My Passions

The Fraternity Needs a Lighthouse

Have You Made Your Mark?

Titles and Fancy Aprons

Great Masons

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