Often Tried, Never Denied

My latest piece Often Tried, Never Denied was recently posted on the Midnight Freemasons website.  The  piece is based on some recent experiences I have had in my attempt in spreading Masonic light.

About a month ago I was thrown out of a Masonic discussion board on Facebook.  I was told by the moderator I was given the boot because “The members were offended by my  posts sharing Masonic education.”  (No I won’t tell you which board it was.  Even though I think they were wrong I am not going to hold these Brethren up to ridicule)

This started a chain of events which I describe in my piece and how I have taken these events and converted something negative and have attempted to teachable moments.

I hope you will read my piece and if you enjoy my writings and find them entertaining or helpful you will share therm with the members of your lodge and your friends on social media. You can read the piece here/

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