“Masons Murder” I bet you can hear my eye roll can’t you?

The versatile birdcage liner or daily fish wrap known as The sun blasted out a headline sure to be on the front page of every anti-Masonic website from now until the end of time with the clickbait like headline “MASONS MURDER Ex-cop firearms instructor is first ever Freemason guilty of killing a ‘brother’ after blasting son-in-law with shotgun” published on of all days Saint john the Evangelist day December 27th.

David Hucker

The hilarious “First time a Mason was found guilty of killing a Brother” I’m sure would take a fact-checker about ten seconds to disprove (Or me if I wasn’t so lazy) after 300 years of speculatiuve Freemasonry. The headline also goes to prove in the UK it appears that those evil Masons with their trouser legs rolled up and funny walks must still sell newspapers (Or at least the Sun thinks they do). Those old guys in aprons even beat out the often bloodied police for the most vilified spot.

According to the article high ranking mason and retired police officer David Hucker, a past provincial Grand officer shot his daughter’s long-time partner Robert Williamson with a shotgun in an argument when he discovered his daughter and Williamson were going to sell his house.  The rest of the sorted details are in the article.

The article also states that according to a former Scotland Yard detective Brother Mick Neville this is the first recorded time a Freemason has murdered another Freemason.



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