Masonic Influencers

I am honored to announce that my latest piece Masonic Influencers has been published on the Midnight Freemasons website.

A few weeks ago I was honored (and to be honest) stunned to be named as a “Masonic Influencer” for today’s Masons or in other words someone who acts in a certain way or in my cases writes in a way that influences Masons in their Masonic journey.

Honestly, I was gobsmacked! I never thought of myself in the way I thought of when I became a Mason trying to read and learn as much as I could from suck writers from long ago like Claude Claudy, Joesph Fort Newton, Allen Roberts Dwight L Smith…the list goes on and on.

I also learned so much from friends I have made over the years that are so much smarter and much more enlightened than I am such as Chris Hodapp, Nate Bridle, Dace Mavity, Jeff Naylor Roger Van Gorden and others who spearheaded the Masonic renaissance we are starting to see today to The Midnight FreemasonsĀ  who I have the distinct honor of working with today.

It is quite an honor to receive such an accolade but I actually just see myself as a guy who has read enough books about Masonry and mixed those parts of the books I’ve read with the experience I have gained while attending lodge and belonging to various Masonic bodies.

I hope you will read this piece and if you like this article and any other piece I write that you will share it with your friends and Brethren.

I also want to tell each of you who are reading this how honored IĀ  am that you take the time to read what I write and I hope in some way it influemces you in your daily life and your Masonic journey.

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