It’s business tine! Now available on Audible

Robert Johnson, PM

On August 9th Brother Robert Johnson co-author of the book It’s Business Time: Adapting a Corporate Path for Freemasonry announced the best selling book has now been released in an audiobook format.

The book which is also available in hardback and in Kindle

Jon Ruark, PM

the format was written by Brothers Johnson and  Jon Ruark  both of whom are  hosts of the show The Masonic roundtable ook the best of some of the most popular and effective business and motivational books and applied the best  practices the books illustrate to Freemasonry and Masonic lodges, not so much to make our craft into a business but maybe make it run more efficiently and perhaps allow the Fraternity to advance into  the future.

Brother Jared Stanley, PM

The audiobook which is available through Audible was narrated by Brother the man behind the What is a Mason? videos can be purchased by visiting this link for $6.99 (The authors are asking if you purchase the book to please rate the book and leave your comments on the website.  The book itself was a very thought-provoking and enjoyable read.  I look forward to revisiting this tome by listening to it.


Portraits in his story were beautifully created by Brother Travis Simkins.  You can find his artwork on this website.


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