Is Masonry a progressive science?

My latest article Masonry is a progressive science? Has been published on the Midnight Freemasons website! I hope you will take the time to read it.

Recently I was listening to the new Scottish Rite podcast.  The installment was a piece entitled  The Purple of our Fraternity: Caring for our Material Culture

Heather Calloway wrote the article being featured in 2014 published by the Scottish Rite Journal.   The report was about the care of historical and antique Masonic artifacts such as costumes and backdrops.  I found the piece fascinating but as I listened something caught my attention which was the inspiration for this article.

I know some will love the ideas I propose in this article.  Others will be organizing the pitchforks and torches necessary to delivery the tar and feather they fell I deserve for suggesting such Masonic heresy.  I just hope you will read the piece with an open mind and maybe give some thought to the suggestions I pose.

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