In pursuit of further light

We all know the story.  Many of us have lived it.  So many Brethren who are raised to the sublime degree begin their pursuit for Masonic light and become disillusioned because of the lack of Masonic education in many lodges.  Some begin their education alone by reading Masonic books and going the way of self-study,  Others find kindred spirits here on the internet in discussion forums and Facebook groups.  Many Brethren tend not to pick up another working took that is given to them in their pursuit of further light.  The Research Lodge.

The first research lodge- Quatuor Coronati Lodge, was formed in London in 1884 to study Masonic history and endeavor to discover the origins of Freemasonry.  Since that time research lodges have been formed all over the world and in nearly American Masonic jurisdiction.  You can find a comprehensive list here at Brother Bessel’s website.  I personally belong to three of these bodies The Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research in Indiana, The Texas Lodge of Research and The Oklahoma Lodge of Research.

Each of those bodies is just like typical Masonic lodges.  They meet in tyled lodge rooms and each has their own requirements to become a member but they have things which generally sets them apart from other Craft lodges.  1.  These lodges don’t create new Masons, you have to be a member of a reguallry recognized lodge in amity with the lodge’s Grand Jurisdiction.   and 2.  They are all about Masonic education.

The members of these lodges research and present papers on various Masonic topics such as symbolism or Masonic history.  Many research lodes publish their papers in book form so others can use their work as reference material for further research.

There are other research groups which are a wealth of information but don’t meet in lodge rooms such as the Philalethes Society which has been serving the Craft for ninety years produce an excellent quarterly magazine and a newer group of which I was a founding member of, The Masonic Society also produces an excellent quarterly magazine “The Journal of the Masonic Society”.

There are so many sources for Nasoic education there is no reason a man cannot find what he needs for his betterment and help him on his journey for that he is in  pursuit of,


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