I’m back

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but I kinda had to quit posting to my blog for the last month or so.  Not because of illness or lack of news (There was plenty of that) but because Google decided my site was the equivalent of a crime ridden crack alley.

Many of you probably know a few years ago Google decided that every website should be secure.  Not like in the “good ole days” of the innerwebs when the only reason your site needed to be secure like if you were collecting data  from your visitors or selling things from your site (Which I do neither of).  No! It has t gave the little green lock in the address bar of your browser or you were a potential risk! but wait! We have a solution.  we can sell you something called a n SSL or “Secure Sockets Layer” which allows people to visit your site and feel warm and cozy and enrich us even more.  I resisted it for a long time.

Long story short (I know what you are thinking to late) but it got to the point when someone would visit my site browsers would block my site and say in large letters (Paraphrasing) DANGER WLL ROBINSON” “PROCEED AND YOU WILL DIE!” Believe it or not that is the kiss of death for any webmaster’s statistics.

I contacted my webhost, Godaddy, an they said they would be more than happy o sell me an SSL. (Bless em’)  One for my needs would only be FOUR HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS A YEAR! Mind you I only pay these people $140 a year to host my entire site.  I honestly felt like I was being held hostage.  Everything I tried Godaddy found a way to ensure it wouldn’t work for my site.  Then I found the answer.

I decided to look for another webhost.  First, let me say This isn’t a commercial.  I plunked down my hardly earned  money to host this site.  I revive no compensation from anyone.  I am adding this part because how much these folks have helped me and if you are looking a web host give them a look.  I moved my website to a company called Green geeks 

Not only did a get a free SSL (For each of my sites) but I also can create unlimited website ad have unlimited email addresses for half of what I was paying before.  They also backup my site for free migrated this site to the new server fee of charge. All of those for less than half of what I was paying before.  If you are looking for a webhost check them out.


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