“Illuminati” scams man for one million dollars

Those pesky Masons and their henchmen the Illuminati are at it again!

According to the Dallas News two men claiming to be members of the Illuminati allegedly swindled a Texas cabinet maker out of one million dollars.

Joshua Pugh aged 23 and Johnny Glenn Clifton aged 50 who previously held positions at Little Cesar’s and Burger King used limousines, security vehicles  and helicopters to convince a Texas cabinet maker out of over one million dollars between November 2015 through 2017.

The pair are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five counts of wire fraud.  Both men have pleaded not guilty and remain in custody pending detention hearings.

In court paperwork flied it is alleged that the duo used “emotional and psychological pressure”  Clifton told the victim that the Illuminati selected him to invest in Sectors for reasons that Clifton was not allowed to know, the indictment said.

The story also stated The indictment also included the following allegations:
In February, Pugh hired off-duty law enforcement officers to escort him to the victim’s place of work in Kemp. Pugh arrived in a Bentley, followed by a caravan of vehicles. At other times, Pugh had bodyguards wear earpieces for show. Pugh also claimed to be close to famous entertainers like Prince, prior to the musician’s death.
During meetings with the victim, Pugh told him his assets could be seized and he would be jailed if he didn’t comply with the defendants’ demands. He also talked to people in video conferences who spoke foreign languages. Pugh told the victim they were heads of organizations like OPEC and the FBI.”

Check out the story for the rest of the gory details…

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