How to join Freemasonry

How to become a Freemason


If your wish is to join freemasonry follow the steps below. Click on the link to receive the information about Freemasonry where you live.

North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico)

Click the link here and follow the instructions

Prince Hall Grand lodges

The rest of the world

If you live outside of North America Visit this website and search for the country in which you live. Once you are on the website for your country contact a lodge or local lodge where you live. (I cannot help you contact them or help you join. Freemasonry is about self-discovery. You must gain it on your own) 

If your country is not listed on this website your country on this website Freemasonry does not exist where you live. It is usually because your government will not allow it. I cannot help you. 


If someone online claims they can help you join Freemasonry or the Illuminati. It is a scam! Freemasonry does not offer online memberships and you can only join Masonry locally. They will take your money and you will revive nothing. You will be in a worse position than you care now. No one becomes rich or powerful when you join a lodge. It is a fraud


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