Enough is enough

For most of my life I have never been one start a fight but I am not one who will shrink away without trying to defend myself or a friend or something I believe in.  (I guess I watched too many John Wayne movies as a child.)

Since becoming a Freemason I have been awfully frustrated at the Craft for “Turning the cheek” so many times to the anti Freemasons who have lied about our Fraternity for three hundred years.

Over the years Masons have been discouraged in confronting these charlatans. (Like your mother told you about bullies on the playground.  “Just walk away from them”.  We all know how well that worked.)  Grand lodges have tried to appease these people up to either removing or changing the ritual alluding to the so called “Blood Oaths” or spending money on non Masonic charities tp show we aren’t the Boogey man.

But much like those school yard bullies they laugh at our attempts to “just get along” and not only continue their lies and smears but amp them up. (Many times lining their pockets with dollar bills through book sakes, movies or personal appearances.)

Thankfully our Brethren in the United Kingdom are beginning to stand up and cry “Enough is enough”.

Brother Chris Hodapp has published a story on his blog that after a series of articles in UK newspaper ” the Guardian ” the United Grand Lodge of England CEO Dr. David Staples a letter to the editor to the Guardian addressing the newspapers lies and the smears against it’s members.

The UGLE has also taken out adverts in other UK papers and have begun to defend the Craft in such venues such as the BBC. They have even begun to add the hashtag #enoughisenough to their social media.

I personally am glad to see our Fraternity linking arms and defending what all of us have held dear.  I know it won’t stop the anti’s and their lies but a defense of any kind is better than capitulation or surrender.

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