Dez Fafara is a Freemason. Who knew!

Do you know who Dez Fafara is? Well, to be honest I didn’t either until I was made aware of him in this article.  Dez is the lead singer of two heavy metal bands entitled  “DevilDriver” and “Coalchanber”.  He is also a Freemason.

In the article Brother Fafara was asked by the reporter how he discovered Masonry.

“I found masonry because I started doing charity work. I was constantly touring through a place called Window Rock, which is a Navajo reservation and I became friends with a lot of the tribal elders. I found out that a lot of the kids there were losing their language because they didn’t have the money to get these language programs, so I raised a lot of money for the elementary school. And I basically got made Navajo, which is a major deal for me. But I wanted to do more charity work because it felt so good, and a friend of mine suggested I check out Freemasonry because they do a lot of good work, and that’s what go me into it. I love the craft and the charity work, and it’s a great brotherhood.”

Dez has spoken about the Craft in previous interviews.  In a 2018 ask me anything with he was asked if he was still a Freemason.

“Yes I am, once a Freemason always a Freemason. Once you give of yourself and do charity work for others you realize that reaching down your hand and lifting up the burdens of others and keeping yourself on the level and doing business in the proper manner where you’re trusted, that’s a very important thing to me and I wish more men would get involved in the Masonic tradition. It’s something that absolutely lifts you up, it’s brotherhood and it’s a fantastic way of giving back to your community. If you do charity work and you lift someone out of their burden, that should feel good for your heart. There’s not enough of that going around now. Even up until the mid-70s, Freemasonry was massive because everybody wanted to get involved, go to lodge and help their communities, and that’s really not happening. I’m sitting in lodge room and granted, I’m from a North Hollywood lodge, so there’s a lot of younger guys, but most of the cats are in their 70s. It’s a great thing for a man to belong to, and don’t believe the hype on all the bullshit that you hear. Yes, it’s a secret society, but it’s more a society of secrets, rather than a secret society.”

I tried to find Brother Fafara’s  lodge name and number but I couldn’t find it.  He says he is from southern California so I am going to guess he is a member in that general area.  I also thought it was interesting in the one interview he said he has discovered a lot of the heavy metal performers are Freemasons they just keep their memberships o themselves.  It would be interesting to know  how big of a following we have in that community.




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