Call to service

My latest essay entitles Call To Service has been posted on the Midnight Freemasons website.  I hope you will give it a read.  I may not have all the answers but I feel like what I propose could at least help things a little.

I started writing this artiucle three years ago.  For the most part I knew what I wanted to say but for some reason I couldn’t seem to come up with a way to convey my thoughts and hopefully illustrate how I felt.  As I wrote in the piece as I watched the sermon the prechers word triggered something in my mind and gave me the clarity I needed to illustrate my beliefs on a way to improve the running of our temples.  I’m not one one who usually claims to have experienced Devine intervention  but the timing does make me wonder.

I really hope you will give this piece a read.  I really feel deeply that this could be the foundation to help a lodge build its improved edifice.

Call to service


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