Brother Nick Johnson and Market Based Freemasonry and the Propagation of Lodges: Part 1

“Freemasonry is dying!” says the guy you talk to after lodge. I know I heard that phrase at the first Masonic gathering I attended as a candidate and I’ve sadly heard it many times since then. It is tough for 21st century men to maintain a group which has remained pretty much the same since the middle part of the 2oth century?

Everyday we see industries and corporations forced to make changes to their existing business models in order to compete in a changing world.  I personally don’t believe Freemasonry is dying but the Fraternity is in dire need of innovation which will blend our traditions and still make us relevant in the future.

Brother Nick Johnson,  a former host of The Masonic Roundtable and a moderator on the Freemasonry subreddit on Reddit has posted the first in a series of articles on his blog THE MILLENNIAL FREEMASON.

In the first installment Brother Johnson questions why not try market based fixes to our beloved Craft.  Instead if holding on to traditions and crossing our fingers things will get better, why not allow new lodges to be established and offer what they feel men want (Obviously within reason) in competition with older, established, stagnant lodges and allow the “survival of the fittest” when it comes to lodges.

Nick questions why grand lodges make it so difficult for “Zombie lodges” to be laid to rest while they make it even more more difficult for a group of Masons to form a new lodge.

This is a very interesting read and might be able to in the end make Freemasonry stronger in the process.  You can read the full article by visiting this link


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