Broken columns

Recently I discovered my mother lodge and the lodge in which I served as Master, Three Rivers lodge #733,  has ceased work and has merged with another lodge. I cannot explain the sadness I felt when I heard the news.  In some ways I felt I did when my parents past away or when my childhood home was torn down.  I truly now understand the old phrase “You can’t go home again”.

I start4ed to think about all the men from that lodge which made me into the Mason I am now.  Most of these men have sadly been removed to the Grand lodge above and what their thoughts would be about the merger.

I began to think about these men and how a lodge can go within a decade from one of the top lodges within a jurisdiction, to surrendering it’s charter.  My thought process led me to write this piece in which I entitled “Broken columns” You can find the piece by clicking on this link.

I hope you enjoy the piece and maybe take something from it which may help maintain the columns of your lodge,  As always, if you like my work please share it with your friends and Brethren on your social networks

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