A viral Masonic video?

Most Worshipful Brother Roger VanGorden, PGM used to define a book as a”Masonic best seller” if the book sold over 100 copies.  This line always gets a laugh but a few years ago it was also very true. Luckily today that may not be no longer true thankfully.

This last weekend my Texas lodge, Lebanon lodge #837 held its annual officer installation.  The turnout was good, nearly every seat in the lodge room was filled with our Brethren, their families and friends. Over the years this would have filled the hearts of the Brethren with pride but now we have even more reason to feel a little more pride.

Brother Jim Schnyder set up his video equipment and decided to televise the ceremony on our lodge’s Facebook page.  This isn’t the first time we have used Facebook live to showcase a lodge event.  In 2016 we recorded a cornerstone ceremony that was held at a local high school and we also recorded last years officer installation.  We received many compliments ad a few hundred views.  We were extremely happy a few people stopped and took note of our little lodge and our work but nothing has prepared us last weekend.

Brother Jim began to stream the performance, in which I was one since I could not attend in person and I noticed the number of viewers our video was receiving was very high.  Comments of congratulations from all of the world began to show up in the comments.  The numbers continued to build.

As it stands at the time of this writing the video of our little lodge changing it’s officers has been reached by 20,000 Facebook users and the video has been watched 9,000 times.  As far as we are concerned thats is a viral video.

While streaming the show Brother Jim also produced a high definition of the video which we put on Youtube.  If you wish to view this “viral video” You can see it right here 

YouTube player

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