A life sentence I won’t appeal

The other night, March 2nd, I was able to attend my Texas lodge, Lebanon lodge #837. This lodge is always so much fun.  The Brethren there are positive, fun loving.  They live the tenants of Freemasonry in their everyday lives.  I always feel at home when I am sitting in lodge with them.

Despite the current pandemic crisis the lodge had a good turnout.  Even with social distancing a good time was had by all and a lot of important work and Masonic education was accomplished.

Not long before the Master of the Lodge, Jeffory Frayser, was a bout to close the lodge he asked that I be escorted west of the altar. I wasn’t sure why I was being singled out but my usual pessimistic outlook figured I was in trouble for…(Insert an your wildest guess here.  I will deny the charge).

Once I was at the altar I observed the Worshipful Master, approaching me from the East.  In his hand he was holding something  but due to my low vision I was unable to ascertain what it was.

Long story short Brother Frayser informed me that because of my work for the lodge with the website, social media platforms and various other public relation duties the lodge voted to present me with a lifetime membership to Lebanon lodge  which means my dues are remitted for the remainder of my life.  He presented me with a beautiful framed certificate to commemorate this honor.

For those that know me will find it hard to believe but this honor left me speeches.  This is something that is rarely done in Texas Freemasonry and I hope that I will continue to deserve this honor.

I want to thank all Brethren of Lebanon lodge who took this Hoosier in and gave me a second home.  I can now honestly say I was “raised” an Indiana Mason but I am now a Texan in my heart.


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