The 50 Year member-a Menace to Freemasonry

My latest piece The 50 Year member-a Menace to Freemasonry  has bee published on the Midnight Freemasons website.  I hope you will check it out and share it with your friends. This piece was taken from personal experiences.  A decade a go I was the building manager of a Masonic temple and one of my […]

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Former Defense Minister claims “Illumiati” is real

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defense from the 1960’s claims a small cabal has gained control of the world governments to form a “New World Order” according to a story published in the Express newspaper. According to the article “Mr. Hellyer claims the technology to reverse climate change has been developed, but it is […]

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“Illuminati” scams man for one million dollars

Those pesky Masons and their henchmen the Illuminati are at it again! According to the Dallas News two men claiming to be members of the Illuminati allegedly swindled a Texas cabinet maker out of one million dollars. Joshua Pugh aged 23 and Johnny Glenn Clifton aged 50 who previously held positions at Little Cesar’s and […]

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New posts and the Facebook Police

  Friends and Brethren I need our help! In case you didn’t know I have posted two new pieces to the Midnight Freemasons website but there is a good chance you may not have seen them thanks to Facebook. While trying to publish the two pieces I published The 50 Year Member – Some Assembly […]

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The 50 year member-Some assembly required

My latest piece The 50 year member-Some assembly required has been posted on the Midnight Freemasons website. There was a Past Master in my mother lodge who would say “The day you become a Master Mason is the one and only day he can truly call his own.”  His belief was simple, every other day in  […]

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My Brothers wife

My latest piece entitled “My Brothers wife” has been published on the Midnight Freemasons website. The story, as I wrote it, is to illustrate how we as lodges and as Freemasons tend to overlook those things in which we have taken an  obligation to uphold in order to pursue other priorities such as the constant […]

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Pope Francis rejects “Masonic” ambassador

Pope Francis, who has been preaching tolerance on various subjects using his platform as the head of the Roman Catholic church and sovereign of the Vatican City State      since he was elected to the position in 2013 has rejected the Ambassador to the Holy See from the country of Lebanon because of his […]

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With Each Upright, Level Step

My latest piece entitled “With Each Upright, Level Step” has been posted on  The Midnight Freemasons website. This story is based on a moment when I as a Mason needed to stop, and subdue my passions in order to improve myself in Masonry.  I hope if you like my work you will share it with […]

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Reclaiming the Soul of Freemasonry-Kindle version

I recently posted a story about the new book written by Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction entitled “Reclaiming the Soul of Freemasonry”. This week the Rite announced the book can now be purchased in The Kindle E-book version. for $9.99, the book can still be purchased in the original hardcover version […]

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