New posts and the Facebook Police


Friends and Brethren I need our help!

In case you didn’t know I have posted two new pieces to the Midnight Freemasons website but there is a good chance you may not have seen them thanks to Facebook.

While trying to publish the two pieces I published The 50 Year Member – Some Assembly Required and The Sign Said, “Alterations”   were “Marked as spam” by Facebook or I was told my posts “Don’t meet “community standards” which is hilarious considering something of the thing I see posted and constantly re-shared on the site.

After trying to convince Facebook I’m not posting anything that would cause to anyone (Which took several days) the sites sensors decided I didn’t violate standards of any kind and my posts were reinstated.  But sadly I fear the damage was done due because these posts are now buried by posts created by others while I was in Facebook jail.

Even though I have been vindicated I am still not allowed to comment or share anything to any group  in which I am not a moderator or.

I am asking for your help. If you like my work please share my writings on your walls and timelines until such time I can come up wit a way in which I am either allowed to share again and come up with other ways to publicize my work!